This is a summary of myself

Barry was born and raised on the outer banks of NC, fishing and hunting since he can remember. He started mating at age 12 on a inshore boat and now at 53, he is still doing what he loves.

Barry got his Masters license in 1987, ran someone else's boat the following year, then purchased his own boat the next year . He has owned several boats since then.

Barry had the opportunity to fish with some of the pioneers of the industry throughout the years, and credits his knowledge of fishing, boat handling and maintenance to these men.

Besides making a living as a hunting and fishing guide, he gets satisfaction from seeing people catch or do something that they have never done or get to do often. He tries to provide a experience that will have people coming back or talking about for year's to come. Barry hopes that if you fish or hunt with him, you will have one of those special trips.